Bridge Construction Crane Rental Solutions

Bigge’s expertise and vast knowledge of crane applications have placed us as a leading provider for bridge constructors.

Bigge has taken on a variety of bridge construction projects of various scopes, all successfully completed without any safety incidents or delays. With over 100+ years of experience, the Perfect Fleet of assets and access to the most modern specialized equipment for bridge construction, we can take on the most challenging projects.

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Bridge Infrastructure Crane Specialists

At any stage of your bridge infrastructure project, we can assist with pre-planning estimates, 3D lift plans and designs, project management, financial assessment of lifting methods, equipment selection, and much more. In Northern California, we have the best crane operators in the field devoted to the overall success and safety of the job. Our staff is DISA certified, and every operator is NCCO trained. All around the continental US, we offer cranes for the successful completion of your project.

With our team of experienced engineers and specialists, andbest in class equipment tailored towards bridge construction, we offer a comprehensive approach to every project. We take into account every possible challenge to ensure that everything goes smoothly from concept to execution.

Relieving the Toll in Bridge Building and Maintenance

Our expert team of engineers create custom plans to execute the demolition or construction of docks, ramps and more. Our Perfect Fleet of cranes include some of the world’s best equipment from Liebherr, Kobelco and Tadano.

Comprehensive Crane Fleet for The Most Demanding Jobs

Thanks to technology, bridges have become more sophisticated in their design and build. Our signature Perfect Fleet supplies numerous operating machines to cater to the demands of any job. Bigge’s expertise and vast knowledge of crane applications have placed us as a leading provider for the bridge constructors. When it comes to building and maintaining bridges, what better to have in your arsenal than the Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane, with a max. lifting capacity of 1,100 US tons, more than enough capacity to lift the heaviest components, but also easy to transport on and off-site. Our machinery is consistently maintained by our experienced technicians, ensuring maximum up time and reliable operation. When building or repairing bridges versatility is critical, the Manitowoc 16000 is a crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 440 US tons. What makes this crane stand out is its ability to change into a variety of configurations to accommodate the job. With proper planning, communication, and execution any project can be completed.