Tadano ATF 130G-5

All-Terrain Crane Information

Tadano ATF 130G-5 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Tadano ATF 130G‑5 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 160 tons. The maximum boom length is 196.8 feet.

The frame of the superstructure is a torsion-resistant and all welded structure made of high strength steel.

It is connected to the carrier by a single row ball bearing slewing ring. The carrier frame is also torsion resistant and made of high strength and fine grained steel. The outrigger system is composed of four double telescopic hydraulic points with controls on both sides of the carrier and in the superstructure cab. The telescopic boom is six sections made of high tensile fine grained steel. There is one stationary base section and 5 telescoping sections, moved by a single telescopic cylinder. All telescopic sections can move under partial load. The 6 sheaves on the boom head increase the maximum lift capacity of the crane.

The steering system of the Tadano ATF 130G‑5 is a ZF-Servocom, dual circuit hydraulic system with hydraulically-assisted steering. The brake system is made up of service disc brakes, parking brakes, and auxiliary brakes. The suspension is hydropneumatic with leveling adjustment. The Tadano ATF 130G‑5 is full of safety features, including a lift adjuster, load moment indicator, a working area limiter, a hoist limit switch, a lower limit switch, and a drum turn indicator and more.

The Tadano team built the ATF 130G‑5 primarily to ensure the safety of the operator and everyone else on the jobsite.

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