Alimak Scando FC 28/37 TD

Construction Hoist Information

Alimak Scando FC 28/37 TD

Max Cap 3.1 US Tons


Official manufacturer model name: Alimak Scando FC 28/37 TD

The Alimak Scando FC 28/37 TD is a construction hoist with a maximum pay-load capacity of 6200 pounds. IT has a maximum speed of 152 feet per minute and a maximum lifting height of 500 feet. If your job needs more than 500 feet of lift height, the Scando’s maximum lifting height can be increased. If increased, the maximum lifting capacity drops to 550 pounds. 

The cage of the FC 28/37 TD has an internal width of 4’ 11” and an internal height of 12’ and 6 ¾”. The two standard door openings are 4’ 10 ¾” by 6’ 6 ¾”. An optional door is also available with an opening of 10’ 6” by 6’ 6 ¾”. 

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