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Demag AC100

​The Terex/Demag AC100 is an All Terrain crane with a lift capacity of 120 tons (100 tons metric). Its single cylinder automatic variable telescoping boom system has a maximum length of 194 feet.

The AC100 has the highest lift capacity of any 4 axle crane, both with maximum counterweight configuration as well as when remaining inside the 26,500 lb axle load limit. It has high economic road and crane performance due to powerful modern drive train technology. This 4-axle model is based on an 8x6x8 frame, with axles 1, 2 and 4 driven and equipped with selectable transverse lock. Dual system hydro-servocom steering along with six different steering programs for axles 3 and 4 help it navigate in tight spaces with ease.

The AC100 is powered by an eight cylinder 462hp engine, which drives a ZF AS-Tronic 14 speed transmission with 12 forward speeds and 2 reverse. A hydro-pneumatic suspension with axle load compensation helps keep the ride level and comfortable.The AC100 also comes with a standard 42,000 pounds of counterweight in 5 pieces, expandable to 54,000 pounds. It is Tier IV compliant, meeting some of the strictest standards in the world for operating emissions.

The cab has everything you’d expect out of a modern crane, air conditioning, heat, adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel, power windows, tinted windshield, and a radio, even cruise control. Along with the state-of-the-art engine and transmission, everything works in concert to ensure the crane operates as safely, economically, and comfortably as possible.


Maximum Lift Capacity 120 tons
Maximum Boom Length 194 feet

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