Demag CC 8800-1

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 1600 US Tons
Boom 512 ft
Luffing Jib N/A

Demag CC 8800-1 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex-Demag CC 8800 – 1 is a crawler crane with a maximum lift capacity of 1760 tons. There are seven different configurations for the main boom, so the maximum boom length can be between 275.6 feet and 511.8 feet. The maximum jib length 393.7 feet.

The carrier and the superstructure of the CC 8800 – 1 have to be extremely durable to withstand the massive weight that the crane can lift. The car body, cross axles, and side frames of the carrier are all bending and torsion resistant, and are made from high strength fine grain structural steel. The frame of the super structure is also torsion resistant and made from high strength fine grain structural steel. The frame is constructed with longitudinal beams in order to accommodate three rope drums and the boom hoist. The split type superstructure makes transportation easy.

The crawler pads are made of heat treated high strength cast steel. Hardened rolling surfaces are on each of the fifteen rollers per crawler. Two hydraulic motors drive the crawlers through closed planetary gear units running in oil bath and are equipped with spring loaded, hydraulically released holding brakes. Every crawler has independent infinity variable control and counter rotation capability.

The Terex IC‑1 control system includes two multicolor monitors, a load indicator, automatic power control to limit waste, standard working range limiter and a ground pressure indicator. The massive amount of information and aid in efficiency given to the operator allows for a safer and more efficient lift.

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