Enerpac SBL1100

Hydraulic Gantry Information

Enerpac SBL1100 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Enerpac SBL1100 is a Hydraulic Gantry System. It has a maximum lift capacity of 1178 tons and a maximum height of 39.38 feet. Enerpac’s gantry systems focus on precision and safety, and the SBL1100 is a testament to that.

The SBL1100 features an octagonal boom for increased strength, allowing increased maximum height and capacity. Self-contained hydraulics and electronics allow for a cleaner jobsite and less space required to operate. The SBL1100 is also fitted with self-propelled wheels or tank rollers for easy mobility.

One of Enerpac’s strengths is its control systems. The Intelli-Lift system can remotely control the SBL1100 wirelessly or wired. This control system removes interference from other devices with its encrypted communication. It can control the SBL1100’s movement with an accuracy of 0.95 inches vertically and 0.60 inches horizontally. The control system also includes safety alarms, emergency stop switches, and other features that make operations safe and easy.

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