Kobelco SL4500R

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 450 US Tons
Boom 197-315 ft
Luffing Jib Available

Kobelco SL4500R Crane Overview and Specifications

The Kobelco SL4500R is a crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 400 metric tons (440 U.S. tons), a maximum crane boom length of 96m (315 ft.), and a maximum luffing jib combination that is: 71m (256 ft.) + 66m (217 ft.). It has three operating modes, standard, heavy lift and super heavy lift. The boom and jib attachments consist of welded lattice construction using tubular, high-tensile steel chords with pin connections between sections. Optional inserts and extensions are available as well.

The SL4500R is equipped with a Hino diesel engine E13C-UV that produces 429 @ 2,000 and comes with a 158 fuel tank. The throttle for the crane is a twist grip type hand throttle, allowing the driver to be in full control. The hydraulic system uses a full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to all winches, propel and swing allowing the machinery to operate smoothly. The SL4500R crawler assembly is designed with a quick disconnect feature for individual removal as a unit from axles. The steering mechanism uses a hydraulic propel system which provides both skid steering and counter-rotating steering, allowing it to move up to 20% grade terrain. The SL4500R is equipped with two hoist drums, front and rear, powered by a hydraulic motor and a total rope capacity 790m (2,590 ft.).

The upper structure of the crawler is comprised of a torsion-free precision machined upper frame. The cab is totally enclosed and has full vision with safety glass. There are five adjustable levers for all winches and swing controls. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation. The swing unit is powered by a hydraulic motor driving spur gears through planetary reducers, and provides 360° rotation. The electrical system wires are organized and uses all wired cords for easy servicing. All components are located clearly and service friendly.

For specific lengths and lifting capacity of the boom and jibs while in different operating modes, please reference the crane chart.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kobelco SL4500R, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.