Liebherr 81K

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 6.6 US Tons

Liebherr 81K Crane Overview and Specifications

The Liebherr 81K is a self-erecting tower crane with a maximum lift capacity of 6.6 tons and a lift capacity of 1.5 tons at maximum jib length. It has a maximum hook height of 132 feet and a maximum jib length of 157 feet.

The 81K has multiple features that increase the safety of the operator and others on the jobsite. An integral oscillation dampening system limits the swinging of loads caused by high speed slewing movements. The 81K can change its drive units from a regular move speed to a micro move speed easily, allowing for precision and increased control. A wind force movement control comes standard with the 81K, allowing for even large loads to be moved with confidence in wind.

Another important factor in the design of the Liebherr 81K is flexibility. The 81K has five different possible lengths for the jib, allowing it to be used for multiple projects with limited space. The self-erecting crane can be assembled into a 30-degree luffed jib position or a 45-degree jib position to maneuver around obstacles and complete even more jobs. Jib assembly can take place up to 82 feet in the air to avoid obstacles close to the ground.

The cab of the 81K can be removed and installed easily to serve the li the most efficient way possible. The Lidat system equipped in this crane can transfer data between the crane and a computer, allowing for super-fast instructions and even allows for remote maintenance of the systems in the 81K.

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