Maeda CC1485S-1

Mini Crane Information

Maeda CC1485S-1 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Maeda CC1485‑1 is a mini-crawler crane with a maximum lift height of 72 feet and two inches. The maximum lift capacity is 6.6 tons and the width of the body is 8 feet and two inches. The CC1485‑1 is the ultimate crane for doing jobs in small or unconventional job sites. There is zero tail swing in both the front and the rear to allow for tight maneuverability. The crane can also pick up and carry loads of up to two tons with ease. The CC1485‑1 can be easily transported to the jobsite because of its compact size and its ability to remove counterweight. No outriggers are required while operating the crane, requiring even less space on the jobsite and allowing for tighter fits. The cab of the CC1485‑1 features high visibility, a digital moment load limiter fitted with an anti-two-block alarm a work area limiter, and rear view cameras and complete crane diagnostics for increased safety. A winch low cable auto-stop is also standard on each CC1485‑1. The crane is also outfitted with an automatic stop feature that limits safety hazards. An Isuzu Tier IV compliant engine that is 40% more fuel efficient than a comparable Tier III compliant engine is fitted in every CC1485‑1. The telescopic boom has 5 fully automatic sections and a maximum boom angle of 70 degrees and a minimum angle of ‑4 degrees.

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