National 1300H

Boom Truck Information

Max Cap 30 US Tons
Boom 22-110 ft

National 1300H Crane Overview and Specifications

The National 1300H is a boom truck with a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tons. The maximum length of the boom is 110 feet.

The 1300H has the longest boom in its size range. The 4 section boom gives the operator the ability to complete lifts without wasting time installing a jib. The National team made service easy by allowing for bearings on the side of the boom to extend and retract, allowing cables to be greased through access holes in the boom side plates. The boom is equipped with easy glide boom wear pads, reducing vibration and allowing for smoother operation. A speedy-reeve boom tip and sheave blocks decrease the amount of time required to change line reeving. In addition, the National 1300H comes with an LMI display to allow for increased visibility of the crane and ability to control the crane safely.

The outrigger system is made up of 2 sets of outriggers that are each 20 feet long with a mid-span of 14 feet. The outriggers are equipped with removable ball and socket aluminum footpads. The heavy duty torsion box increases rigidness, reduces the need for counterweight, and reduces the flexing of the truck frame. A burst of speed winch increases the speed at which unloaded cable can be picked up and faster winch payout.

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