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​The SANY SCC8200 is a hydraulic crawler crane with a lift capacity of 200 metric tons (220 U.S. tons) and a main boom with a length of 86m (282 ft.). This SANY crawler uses a fixed jib that extends to 31m (101 ft.) and a luffing jib that reaches up to 51m (167 ft.). Both boom and jibs have optional additional adjustable sections.

The carbody connects the upper works to two independently driven crawler assemblies. The beast of an engine that powers the SCC8200 is a Cummins QSL9 325hp 6-cylinder diesel engine. The hydraulic system by Rexroth is one of the world’s most efficient, energy saving, stable and reliable. The crane is equipped with two drums, and main and auxiliary winches which are independently driven. The variable hydraulic motor automatically adjusts the output load to maximize winch speed based on load. The swing system is composed of a single motor with a large displacement and planetary gear reducer, automatic load centering and 360° rotation capability. The travel motors can achieve lineal travel and counter rotation through motor reducer and high tractive effort.

The SANY SCC8200 features a new ergonomic cab, styled by Porsche Design Studios. The controller system is a SANY designed LMI is prominently displayed. Interface is user friendly, simple to set up and operate. Two cameras are equipped for monitoring drum spooling, boom hoist, and rear of machine. Safety features include a tri-color system to warn operator when the load is close to the lift capacity. A boom stop mechanism composed of a spring cushioned boom stop and automatic boom stop helps prevent exceeding backwards boom angle limits.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 220 tons
Maximum Boom Length 282 feet
Maximum Jib Length 167 feet

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