Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 330 US Tons
Boom 66-302 ft
Luffing Jib Available

SANY SCC8300 Crane Overview and Specifications

The SANY SCC8300 is a hydraulic crawler with a lift capacity of 300 metric tons (330 U.S. tons). The carbody of the crane is made with high-strength steel frame structure. The length of the main boom is 91m (302 ft.). This SANY crawler uses three jibs, a fixed jib that extends to 18m (59 ft.) and a fixed jib heavy that reaches out to 42m (138 ft). The luffing jib is 66m (217 ft.). The boom and jibs have optional additional adjustable sections. This crawler has the capabilities of seven configurations available for main boom, fixed jib, and luffing jib.

The SCC8300 features a high-power Cummins QSM11 400 engine, and a fuel tank with a 277 (1048L) capacity to ensure long working hours ensuring high reliability and consistent performance. The swing system is composed of a single motor with a large displacement and planetary gear reducer, automatic load centering, and 360° rotation capability. This crane also comes with an advanced SYMC controller which uses CANBUS to transfer data among the controllers, displays operating handles, engine and RCL. The drums on the crane use a displacement hydraulic motor drives the planet gear speed reducer to raise and lower the load. All drums are equipped with an electric locking device.

The SANY SCC8300 also features the Sany Ultra Cab, designed by Porsche. Maximizing glass space for optimal operator visibility, the cab has an all-enclosed steel frame structure with reinforced glass. Inside includes fire extinguisher and alarm device, and CCTV monitoring system. Safety as a priority the crawler is equipped with many safety devices and components to ensure the well-being of the workers and machinery. The SCC8300 features an A‑Fram alarm device, while in installation mode, if a‑frame does not rise into correct position, the system will alarm and the operator and work mode functions will be inoperative. In case of emergency, there is an emergency button to switch off the engine and stop all operations.

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