Rough Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 65 US Tons
Boom 37-113 ft

SANY SRC865 Crane Overview and Specifications

The SANY SRC865 is a 65 ton rough terrain with a maximum boom length of 113 ft. and a maximum jib length of 52.5 ft.

The Sany team had power in mind when they designed the SRC865. The Cummins GSB6.7 engine is a Tier III compliant, 250 engine. While the engine gives the crane the ability to lift anything thrown at it, the boom of the crane is also a testament of power. The 4 section boom is made with high strength, light weight formed steel. By building the boom with high strength steel, Sany ensures that the crane will keep its integrity intact and not buckle under pressure.

The SRC865 also focuses on safety and comfort of the operator. To get to the cab, there are five ladders around the crane. This limits the amount of potentially hazardous situations that could occur while trying to enter the cab or perform maintenance on the crane. The cab is constructed with all steel and tinted safety glass. The steel helps the cab maintain its shape under rough conditions, and the tinted glass keeps debris and sunlight out of the way of the operator, limiting distractions and keeping their mind on the job while keeping them safe.

The load moment indicator included in the crane allows the operator to see the status of every part of the crane. This allows the operator to ensure that the crane will not try to lift past its limit, and if it does, the operator will easily be able to stop movement to limit hazardous situations because of the warnings the load moment indicator displays.

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