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Tadano ATF 600G-8

The Tadano ATF 600G-8 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 660 tons. The maximum boom length is 183.7 feet and a maximum jib length of 295.2 feet.

The ATF 600G-8 is one of the newest and most revolutionary cranes on the market. The Tadano team realized that to make leaps in technology, the basics had to be questioned. For this reason, Tadano excluded a boom suspension system when creating the ATF 600G-8. To make up for the lack of suspension, Tadano created the three boom system. The three boom system includes the three telescoping tubes instead of just one. By moving these tubes away from the center of the cross section, the overall system is more stable than a single telescopic boom.

The ATF 600G-8 also utilizes asymmetrical outrigger control. By being able to have outriggers asymmetrical, the crane can lift in certain areas that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The ability to be in any area also allows for the crane to maintain its lifting capacity. Tadano is focused on efficiency for all of its cranes, and the ATF 600G-8 is no different. Like most of Tadano’s cranes, the ATF 600G-8 uses two separate engines, one for the superstructure and one for the carrier. The carrier has a powerful engine to move the full crane and the superstructure has a smaller engine to operate the crane. The carrier engine, while smaller, can easily complete any lift.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 660 tons
Maximum Boom Length 183.7 feet
Maximum Jib Length 295.2 feet

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