Tadano GR-150XL-2

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 15 US Tons
Engine Mitsubishi 4M50-TLC1B, 4M50-TLE3A
Boom 17-79 ft
Winches 2

Tadano GR-150XL-2 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Tadano GR-150XL-2

The Tadano GR-150XL‑2 is a compact hydraulic rough terrain crane. With its strong single hoist layout and great maneuverability in narrow spaces, this machine is great for the city, residential, and intricate job sites. Accompanied with the Eco-mode function, the GR-150XL‑2 has Positive Control System. The crane controls the quantity of hydraulic pump emission during crane operation in response to the amount of movement applied, thereby minimizing the fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

The GR-150XL‑2 has a max. lifting capacity of 13.6 metric tons (15 U.S. tons). The max. boom length is 23.8 m (78.7 ft) and max. lift height of 24.5 m (80.38 ft) and max. Lift height with jib extension is 30 m (98.42 ft). Comprised of 6 sections and full power partially synchronized telescoping boom of rectangular box construction with 4 sheaves at the boom head. The slewing ring uses a hydraulic axial piston motor driven through a planetary slewing speed reducer that allows continuous 360˚ full-circle slewing on a ball-bearing.

The hydraulics system pump is comprised of 2 variable piston pumps for crane functions. A tandem gear pump for steering, slewing, and optional equipment. Powered by carrier engine. The pump disconnect for the crane is engaged/​disengaged by a rotary switch from the operator’s cab. Outriggers come with this crane, 4 hydraulic, beam, and jack outriggers can be safely deployed asymmetrically. The AML‑C system detects extension and provides maximum lifting capacity for the surrounding area of the crane.

This crane features a turbo-charged Mitsubishi 4M50- 4 cylinder diesel engine, pushing 172 HP and the gas tank holds up to 50 gallons. With hydraulic power steering controlled by the steering wheel. 4 steering modes are available: 2 wheel front, 2 wheel rear, 4 wheel coordinated, and 4 wheel crab.

Both the crane and drive operations can be performed from one cab mounted on a rotating superstructure. Standard is a TADANO electronic Load Moment Indicator system (AML‑C), letting the operator know with indicators, warnings, and functions in real-time.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tadano GR-150XL-2, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.