Tadano GR-600XL Series

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Tadano GR-600XL Series

Max Cap 60 US Tons
Boom 36-138 ft
Jib 32-58 ft


The GR-600XL has a max. lifting capacity of 54.4 metric tons (60 U.S. tons) and the max. boom length is 42 m (137.79 ft). With a max. lift height of 34.9 m (114 ft), this model has a two-stage bi-fold lattice-type jib that can be attached giving the crane a max. lift height of 59.7 m (195 ft). Composed of 5 sections, a full power partially synchronized telescoping boom, and rectangular box construction with 4 sheaves at the boom head. An auxiliary lifting sheave (single top is mounted to the main boom head for single-line work (stowable).

The hydraulics system pump consists of 2 variable piston pumps for crane functions. A tandem gear pump for steering, slewing, and optional equipment. Powered by a carrier engine. Pump disconnect for the crane is engaged/​disengaged by a rotary switch from the operator’s cab. The slewing ring uses a hydraulic axial piston motor driven through a planetary slewing speed reducer that allows continuous 360˚ full-circle slewing on a ball-bearing. Outriggers come with this crane, 4 hydraulic, beam, and jack outriggers can be safely deployed asymmetrically. The AML‑E system detects extension and provides maximum lifting capacity for the surrounding area of the crane.

This crane features a turbo-charged Mitsubishi 6M60-TLA3B 6 cylinder diesel engine, pushing 267 HP at 1,400 RPM. Equipped with hydraulic power steering controlled by the steering wheel. 4 steering modes are available: 2 wheel front, 2 wheel rear, 4 wheel coordinated, and 4 wheel crab.

Both the crane and drive operations can be performed from one cab mounted on a rotating superstructure. Standard is a TADANO electronic Load Moment Indicator system (AML‑E), letting the operator know with indicators, warnings, and functions in real-time.

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