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Terex Crossover 6000

​The Terex Crossover 6000 is a 60 ton all terrain crane. The maximum boom length is 110 feet, and the maximum jib length is 57 feet.

The Crossover 6000 is created on a foundation of strength and power. The engine of the 6000 is a 450 horsepower Detroit diesel engine. The boom design is a four sectioned fully synchronized design. The boom has the strength to finish any job. This allows for the crane to become ready for a lift in a time effective manner, and also allows for less human interaction and thus less room for error. The hydraulic system is a three pump system that gives simultaneous independent flow to the boom, hoist, and rotation functions.

While power and strength are important factors in the creation of the Crossover 6000, other factors like operational ease are not overlooked. The Crossover 6000 come equipped with a work area definition system. This system allows for the operator to put restrictions on the movement of the crane, in order to ensure that the crane stays on task and away from potentially hazardous situations. The precision controls included in the Crossover 6000 allow for extreme control, giving the operator the ability to move throughout the jobsite with ease.

The cab of the Crossover 6000 includes multiple features that are efficient and comfortable for the operator. It comes equipped with a rated capacity indicator. This indicator shows the status of all parts of the crane. By having an indicator that shows the status of each part of the crane, the operator can be sure that the crane does not exceed the maximum lift limit, and reduce the safety hazards that could occur if the limit is exceeded.


Maximum Lift Capacity 60 ton
Maximum Boom Length 110 feet
Maximum Jib Length 57 feet

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