Terex Crossover 8000

Boom Truck Information

Max Cap 80 US Tons
Boom 40-126 ft

Terex Crossover 8000 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Terex Crossover 8000

The Terex Crossover 8000 is an 80 ton all terrain crane. The maximum boom length is 126 feet and the maximum jib length is 57 feet. It is one of the best cranes in its class because of the genius engineering of the boom. The boom is a four-section, full power, fully synchronized, telescopic boom, with 5 metallic sheaves integrated into the head to increase the maximum lifting capacity of the crane.

The 8000 includes safety features such as a load moment indicator, which tells the operator the status of the crane, an engine display so the operator knows when to refuel and do maintenance, and a rated capacity indicator that includes an alarm when entering a work area exclusion zone, limiting hazardous situations.

The counterweight system has one bolted counterweight and four removable counterweights, allowing for the crane to be shipped at different weights for different jobs. The cab has the amenities to live up to the high standards of today’s crane market, such as adjustable seating and an optional air conditioning unit.

The X‑pattern outriggers allow for maximum control while lifting, and maximum stability. The outriggers are also adjustable, to allow for the crane to be perfect for each job. ThSe hydraulic system is composed of piston and gear pumps, ensuring that the crane moves smoothly while mobile and that each piece of the crane moves seamlessly when lifting.

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