Terex CTL 650F-45

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 49.6 US Tons

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Terex CTL 650F-45 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex CTL 650F-45 is a luffing jib tower crane. Its design is excellent for working in urban areas and around high-rise buildings where space is tight. It features outstanding reach requiring little room for slewing motions. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 45 metric tons (49.6 U.S. tons, with a jib that extends to 65 m (213 ft.). The lifting capacity while jib is at maximum length is 7 metric tons (7.7 U.S. tons). When at a minimum length the jib uses 4 segments and at its maximum length it requires all 7 sections.

The CTL 650F-45 is a stationary crane which can be set-up using an undercarriage or a concrete base. Different heights may require different counterweights depending on crane configuration. This crane comes with 3 different type of winches, a hoist winch, a luffing winch, and a service winch. It is also equipped with 2 different hoist blocks, one is a 1 part line block and the other is a 2 – 3 part line hoist block. The CTL series come with transfer mats that let you combine flat top, luffing jib and hammerhead tower cranes, which lets you choose the best combination for the job site.

The cranes features an ergonomic cab which provides the comfort required for long hours on the job. The design of the crane makes it easy to maintain and the built-in safety features help keep downtime to a minimum.

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