Elevating America: Dawn Patrol with our Manitowoc MLC300 VPC-MAX

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Lifting 141,000 lbs with the Manitowoc MLC300 VPC-MAX

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This past Saturday morning, we successfully completed a remarkable lift at the Santa Clara data center project using our Manitowoc MLC300 VPC-MAX crawler crane. Equipped with a 138-foot main boom, a 98-foot luffing jib, and a substantial 474,000 lbs. of counterweight, the lift reached a maximum height of 75 feet at a 115-foot radius.

Both the crane and our team handled the complex task with precision and efficiency. The project required the lifting of three units, with the heaviest weighing in at 141,000 lbs. With inches to spare on either side of the structure’s access point, our experienced team handled the loads safely and efficiently, demonstrating the crane’s impressive performance and our storied expertise in the heavy-lifting industry.

Projects like this highlight our commitment to leveraging top-tier equipment and skilled professionals to meet the demanding requirements of modern construction projects. The successful execution of this lift not only emphasizes our operational excellence but also our dedication to supporting the rapid development of critical infrastructure like data centers.


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