Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® Grows with the Acquisition of Liebherr’s Newest Crawler Offerings at Bauma 2022

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As a leading US crane rental company, Bigge understands how crucial it is to provide the right crane to the right market at the right cost. On the first day of bauma 2022, Liebherr has handed over two new crawler cranes to Bigge — an LR 1400 SX and an LR 1700−1.0. These new models are joining Bigge’s Perfect Fleet®, which includes over one hundred crawler and mobile cranes from Liebherr, fortifying this long-standing partnership.

Liebherr LR 1400

As the demand for lifting heavier loads continues to grow, the LR 1400 SX is the resulting crane from Liebherr that excels due to its power, speed, and ease of operation at a load capacity of 440 US-tons. At the handover, Bigge emphasized that the LR 1400 SX on display at Bauma is one of many more models that will be added to their fleet, with three more units already on order. The purchase represents Bigge’s significant commitment to offering a Perfect Fleet to customers and partners everywhere, providing the right crane to the right market at the right cost.

The LR 1400 SX has several features that make it stand apart despite its size – including ease of transport and assembly. The heaviest part of transport is the uppercarriage. It includes the carbody center section and the A‑frame – parts that never need to be disassembled. Even the walkways and railings can easily be folded up and remain on the crane for transport.

Thanks to the crane’s self-assembly system, it is easy to assemble and disassemble the hoist winches, crawlers, carbody counterweight, and boom sections – all of this without a service crane. The crane can even lift, lower, and secure the 165 US-tons rear counterweight hydraulically. The rear counterweight itself is modular and can be equipped with 5.5 or 11-ton counterweight slabs, depending on the requirements.

The LR 1400 SX is equipped with a powerful 450 kW Liebherr diesel engine – the most powerful engine in its class. The crawlers are now equipped with four drive motors that make it easier to maneuver on construction sites with difficult ground conditions.

Third LR 1700−1.0 to join the Perfect Fleet

Bigge currently operates two LR 1700−1.0 crawler cranes and has ordered a third for delivery in 2023, intended for use in industrial construction and wind power. Bigge will then operate the largest fleet of this type of crane in the USA.

The LR 1700−1.0 combines the benefits of economical transport of 660 US-ton class crawler cranes with the performance of 825 US-ton class lattice boom cranes and also features all the innovations of Liebherr’s crawler crane developments from recent years.

Liebherr’s LR 1700−1.0 is THE benchmark in this crane class for lattice boom cranes both for classic industry and wind power work. The boom can be raised to a height of up to 650 ft, comprising the main boom at 334 ft and a luffing jib at 314 ft. These lattice sections enable the crane to be used in purely main boom mode with a length of up to 531 ft. Minimal wear is becoming more and more important for moving the crawler travel gear, particularly during jobs at wind farms. The Liebherr engineers have therefore made the structural steelwork for the crawler carriers particularly robust and increased the size of the rollers. The 4‑fold drive for the travel gear is standard.

Two more LR 1500s and LTM 1230 – 5.1s on order for delivery in 2023

Bigge operates the largest fleet of LR 1500s in the US. Two more LR 1500s are on order for delivery in 2023. For the first of these, Bigge has ordered equipment for wind power and industrial applications.

As the biggest buyer of cranes in the industry, Bigge will also expand its fleet of all-terrain cranes with an order of two LTM 1230−5.1s from Liebherr to be delivered in 2023.

The Liebherr team is delighted with the orders from its long-standing customer – both for the continued partnership but also because many industry insiders consider an order from Bigge to be a seal of quality. The crane rental company advertises to offer its customers the Perfect Fleet with the best cranes in their class for sale and rent.

The animation shows the LR 1400 SX from its transportation to the jobsite to the execution of lifting work: Liebherr — Crawler Crane LR 1400 SX — YouTube.

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