Broderson IC-80

Carry Deck Crane Information

Max Cap 9 US Tons
Boom 30 ft

Broderson IC-80 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Broderson IC-80 is an industrial carry deck crane, its compact size makes it great for maintenance projects in constrained environments and easy transport.

The maximum lift capacity is 18,000 lbs on outriggers, without the outriggers the max pick and carry capacity is 11,400 lbs. There are four hydraulic independently controlled outriggers partitioned from boom functions that ensure safer and more precise operations. The main boom length is 30 ft/9.14 m and capable of 360° continuous rotation. The max. tip height is 46.8 ft/14.26 m (with boom extension) and max horizontal reach 40 ft/12.19 m. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders extend boom sections. The telescoping cylinder and the boom elevation cylinder are equipped with direct-connected holding valves. Boom angle indicator on side of the boom.

The engine can be either diesel or dual engine and comes with a powershift transmission. With 4 speeds forward and reverse, the operator can power shift at any engine speed in any gear. Equipped with a hydraulic-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system, it’s capable of low-speed power to lift heavy loads and a high-speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.

Compact in size, the height for the IC-80 is 7.3 ft/2.22 m and the width is 6.6 ft/2.01 m. The cabin is all-weather proof, with a heater and defroster, and the seat is adjustable for comfort. For safety features, it has a Rated Capacity Limiter that warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stopping boom functions in the event of overloads. There’s also a Drum Rotation Indicator which provides better awareness of boom rotation and position.

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