Comansa 11LC150

Tower Crane Information

Comansa 11LC150

Max Cap 8 US Tons

The Comansa 11LC150 tower crane has a max lift capacity of 8 tons (7 t), a main boom max length of 188 ft. (57 m), and a max jib length 196 ft. (60 m). The hoisting cable terminates at the jib end, making it an easier to assemble this crane than its predecessors. The counterweights are installed from the top, allowing for faster — and more efficient — erection.

The Comansa 11LC150 has a comfortable cab operators will appreciate. Items in the cab include: ergonomic crane controls, deluxe seats, and a slew of safety systems. One of these is a Lincomatic digital load indication system that stores work data and allows the operator to work in restricted areas. It also comes with a single/​double trolley system that allows for the improvement of the load diagram of the crane. The trolley system cuts down the amount of time it takes to change the reevings to less than a minute, significantly improving the crane’s ability to adapt to different loads, making it more efficient.

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