Comansa LCL280 Series

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL280 Series

Max Cap 13.2-26.4 US Tons
Jib 213 ft


Comansa LCL280 crane series are luffing jib tower cranes that come in three different models. The Comansa LCL280 series uses the jib and mast modular design, deconstructable parts, making it easier to transport and put back together. Certain elements can be used interchangeably with other crane parts to help configure the job site’s crane. You have the option of using an internal climbing unit or braces.

There are three models within the series — Comansa LCL280-12T, Comansa LCL280-18T, and Comansa LCL280-24T.

The Comansa LCL 280 – 12t is the smallest of the LCL280 series with a freestanding height of 174.54 ft. This tower crane has a max. lift capacity of 13.22 U.S. tons. The max. jib length is 213.25 ft., while the jib is at max. length, it can lift 3.2 U.S. tons. Luffing jibs are ideal for use in urban areas where there is limited space. Due to its slow slewing movements and long overreach, this crane is excellent for city environments.

The Comansa LCL 280 – 18t is a free-standing stationary luffing jib tower crane with a max. free-standing height of 193 ft. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 19.84 U.S. tons. The max. jib length is 213 ft., while the jib is at max. length, it can lift 3.2 U.S. tons. The crane comes equipped with a 50 kW hoist unit along with 2591 ft. of rope. There is an optional upgrade of a 65 KW hoist unit with the same amount of rope length, or if more rope is needed, there is a 4199 ft. drum available.

Comansa LCL 280 – 24t has the heaviest lifting capacity in the series. The max. height of the crane is 193 ft. and has a max. lift capacity of 26.4 U.S. tons. The max. jib length is 213 ft., while the jib is at max. length, it can lift up to 2.86 U.S. tons. There is an option of using an 8‑meter wide base that is compatible with other tower components allowing to increase the tower height up to 30%.

All tower cranes in the LCL280 series use the Effi-Plus system with the hoist system, which increases hoist speeds and lowering speeds while using less energy consumption. When the Effi-Plus is combined with the automated reeving change function, the operator can change the speed-load chart by selecting the appropriate reeving mode. At max. length the jib is composed of 7 parts and when fully retracted it uses 3 parts. Different counterweights vary depending on the length and weight of the load.

Models in this Series