Comedil CTL 430-24

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 26.5 US Tons
Engine Cummins
Winches 2

Comedil CTL 430-24 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Comedil CTL 430-24

The Terex CTL 430 – 24 is a luffing jib tower crane, excellent for working in confined spaces in a city landscape. Their small slewing radius allows and heavy lifting capabilities are ideal in urban areas, this tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 24 metric tons (26.5 U.S. tons). The maximum length that the jib extends to is 60 m (196.9 ft.), the lifting capacity, while the jib is at maximum length, is 5.5 metric tons (6.1 U.S. tons). The jib is made up of six sections and when at minimum length it requires four.

The CTL 430 – 24 is a versatile crane, it comes equipped with Terex transfer mats which allow you to combine different tower crane components to create the best configuration for the job. Assembling the mats is easy and fast, there’s no need for anchoring colors and it the mats also helps increase freestanding capabilities. This Terex crane has 3 winches, 2 hoist winches one with a brake option and the other without, and a luffing which with rope included.

The EVO15 CAB comes with the CTL 430 – 24, its new sleek and ergonomic design helps the operator work comfortably and stay focused on the job. The cabin includes a provides an anti-glare display that provides data feedback for precise crane operation, such as load, wind speed, height; and alarm history. With safety in mind, the electrical panel is conveniently inside the cabin. This crane sets up quickly with pre-assembled aluminum ladders and a platform for comfortable and quick assembly making transport easier.

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