Demag AC 500-8

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 600 US Tons
Boom 46-184 ft

Demag AC 500-8 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex-Demag AC 500 – 8 is a staple in the all-terrain category. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 551 tons and a maximum boom length of 184 feet.

The AC 500 – 8 is a powerful crane. The telescopic boom automatically telescopes with a single cylinder telescoping system. 8 metal sheaves integrated into the boom head allow for an increased lifting capacity. The increased lifting capacity gives the crane the ability to complete any lift. The crane is powered by a 653 horsepower Tier III compliant powerhouse of an engine. This engine can complete any job thrown at it.

The AC 500 – 8 was also designed with maneuverability in mind. The steering system includes a dual circuit hydro semiblock steering with an emergency steering pump. This gives the operator control and the ability to limit hazardous situations. The brake system includes a pneumatic dual circuit service brake acting on all wheels, disc brakes, a hydraulic retarder integrated into the transmission as a sustained action brake, an additional exhaust brake, a constant choke valve, and a spring loaded parking brake. By including this many brakes, if one fails, the operator can be confidant that it is possible to stop the crane and avoid potentially hazardous situations.

The crane also focuses on the operator’s safety and comfort. The cab includes seat heating, radio preparation, air conditioning, and heating to allow for the operator to be comfortable and focus on the job at hand. The tinted safety glass protects the operator two fold, by limiting sunlight and debris in the cab and the operator’s eyes. This safety glass, paired with other features such as a rear view camera allow for utmost safety for the operator, and others on the jobsite.

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