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Grove GMK3055

The Grove GMK3055 is a 127 ton capacity all terrain crane. It has a maximum boom length of 141 feet and a maximum jib length of 49.2 feet.

The GMK3055 is a powerful machine. It is powered by a 349 horsepower Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA six cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged engine with enough power to complete any job. The boom is fully powered in all 6 sections with a TWIN-LOCK boom pinning system. This system automatically pins sections in position with two horizontal pins.

Where the GMK3055 really shines is in its maneuverability. The GMK3055 comes equipped with a MEGATRAK independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The MEGATRAK system is the best off road driveline available on the market. It employs an independent suspension, and an all-wheel steering system, allowing for all wheels to stay on the ground at all times. By ensuring all wheels are on the ground, the even distribution of weight can be ensured, making failure of the crane’s structure much less likely.

The GMK3055 is home to all of the latest innovations in crane technology, and the cab is no exception. The all-aluminum cab is fitted with acoustical lining to keep sound out and help operators focus. The Electronic Crane Operating System (ECOS) allows an operator to program the cranes principle operations into it, thus easing lift planning. By easing lift planning, operators can focus on the actual lift, and limit the amount of accidents that could occur on the jobsite. The GML3055 is also equipped with an EKS 5 Light. This light monitors the lifting condition of the crane, and works alongside the ECOS system to make sure that the crane does not try to lift over capacity. ​


Maximum Lift Capacity 127 ton
Maximum Boom Length 141 feet
Maximum Jib Length 49.2 feet

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