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Grove GMK4115

The Grove GMK4115 All Terrain crane has a capacity of 115 tons. Equipped with Grove’s unique TWIN-LOCK system, it has a fully hydraulic, six-section main boom, extending up to 171 feet. All wheel multiple mode steering provides unrivaled job site mobility and the exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system enhances drivability and traction both on and off-road. Combined with fast highway speeds and excellent off-road performance, the Grove GMK4115 is both efficient and capable.

Grove currently also produces the GMK4115L, or Long Boom, with a maximum main boom length of 197 feet. Contact us at (510) 639-4041 for more information.


Maximum Lift Capacity 115 tons
Maximum Main Boom Length 171 feet / 197 feet (Long Boom)
Models GMK4115, GMK4115L

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