Grove GMK6300L

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 350 US Tons
Boom 51-263 ft

Grove GMK6300L Crane Overview and Specifications

The Grove GMK6300L is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 350 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 263 feet and a maximum jib length of 69 feet. The boom of the GMK6300L is a seven sectioned, full power, MEGAFORM boom with TWIN-LOCK pinning. The pinning system ensures that the boom will remain in position even with loads changing and in the midst of vibrations.

The MEGATRAK suspension system paired with the all-wheel steer system allow for all wheels to remain on the ground at all times. This allows for weight to be evenly distributed among the axles, and limits the shifting of weight from axle to axle. The transmission system also boasts a constant driveline alignment and excellent job site maneuverability.

The GMK6300L is powered by a Mercedes-Benz 543 horsepower eight cylinder engine. This Tier IV compliant engine can easily complete any task required of it. The transmission system is an automatic Allison system with 6 speeds forward and one reverse.

The cab offers all modern amenities and safety features. The crane also comes equipped with rearview cameras, the EKS 5 system, and the ECOS system. Backup cameras avoid potentially dangerous situations, the EKS 5 system tells the operator the current status of the crane, and the ECOS system eases lift planning, all of these features keeping the jobsite safe.

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