Comansa 21 LC 750-24t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa 21 LC 750-24t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa 21 LC 750 – 24t is a flat top tower crane, ideal for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites. The crane has a maximum freestanding height of 81 m (265 ft.). The maximum lift capacity is 24 metric tons (26.45 U.S. tons), with a maximum jib length of 80 m (262 ft.). At maximum length, the lifting capacity is 7 metric tons (7.7 U.S. tons). The 21 LC 750 – 24t uses a modular design that allows different parts of the jib and mast to be compatible with other Comansa cranes creating multiple configurations to fit the right job.

The 21 LC 750 – 24t reeving system uses a double trolley, which can work separately or in tandem depending on the load requirements. The option of using the double trolley system is always available as the trolley change is done automatically in a short time. The crane is equipped with a 65 kW hoist unit but can be upgraded to a 110 kW hoist that can also hold more rope.

Thanks to the flat top modular system all parts of the crane can be erected directly as they come from the truck. The complete crane can be transported in 11 containers and 4 flatbed trucks (or in 12 HC containers and 4 open-top ones).

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