Comedil CTT 472-20

Tower Crane Information

Comedil CTT 472-20

Max Cap 22 US Tons


The Terex Comedil CTT 472 – 20 is a Flat Top Tower crane. It has a maximum capacity of 22 tons, a maximum jib length of 262.5 feet, and a capacity of 4.4 tons at its max jib length. Terex boasts that the CTT 472 – 20 is a cut above the rest because of its power, ease of transport, and operator minded cab build.

The Terex Power Plus system can increase the maximum load capacity of the CTT 472 – 20 by up to 10% under controlled conditions. It can be equipped with TS212, H20, and HD23 Terex mast sections to increase the hook height to impressive heights.

Terex focused on limiting the time required to erect the CTT 472 – 20, saving downtime and money on the jobsite. The jib and tower segments are preassembled for easy configuration. Terex’s new control system makes configuration and set up even faster.

Operators love the CTT 472 – 20 for its comfort and high visibility. Full air conditioning and heating means less downtime due to weather. A 7‑inch full color display with anti-glare allows for easy to read operating data.

If you would like to learn more about the Terex CTT 472 – 20, please call us at 1 (888) 897‑2444.