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Construction Hoist Rental

Bigge is your vertical access connection with one of the largest construction hoist fleets in the U.S. We feature the Alimak Scando 650 single and dual car hoists and also rent three different models of Hercules construction elevators designed for loads from 2200 to 7000 pounds.

California OSHA requires all buildings over 60ft in height to have a man material hoist.

All of our hoists are newer late models. These new generation machines are easy to operate and offer safety, reliability, and flexibility for both passengers and materials on your jobsite. As with our cranes and trailers, we rent hoists on an operated and maintained basis to the Western U.S. and on a bare rental basis nationwide.

Contact Jesse Sullivan at (510) 638-8100 or for more about how to take advantage of Bigge’s construction hoist fleet on your current or upcoming project.

Our Construction Hoist Fleet Includes:

Alimak SCANDO 650

Alimak Scando 650 – The SCANDO 650 has a unique modular system that can easily be configured for different installation applications offering a wide range and modular components, doors and ramp options. It is equipped with the Alimak ALC-II Lift Control System, which improves accessibility by substantially reducing wait times. The SCANDO 650 has a payload capacity of 7000 pounds/car, a speed of 175 feet/minute, and a standard maximum lifting height of 820 feet. Bigge has both the single and dual-car SCANDO 650 construction hoists available for rent.

Hercules F7000 SLS/DLS

Hercules F7000 SLS/DLS – The Hercules F7000 man and material hoist is a newer model, but was quickly adopted into our fleet because of its safety features and reliability. The F7000 is fitted with a frequency conversion drive, allowing it to be more efficient, using less power and reducing wear on the elevator and its components. The Hercules F7000 has a payload capacity of 7000 pounds/car, a maximum speed of 150 feet/minute, and a maximum tower height of 500 feet. Bigge has both the single car (SLS) and the dual car (DLS) material hoists available for both rent and sale.

Hercules F6000 SLS/DLS

Hercules F6000 SLS/DLS – The Hercules F6000 has all the safety, engineering and design features of the F7000 in a smaller package. The F6000 has a maximum capacity of 6000 pounds, and a maximum speed of 130 feet/minute. Bigge has both the single car (SLS) and the dual car (DLS) construction hoists available for both rent and sale.

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