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Green Initiative

Bigge has been working to protect the environment in which we work and live. We set high standards in the arena of environmental responsibility, going beyond merely complying with regulations, but doing everything possible to reduce our environmental impact. At Bigge, we feel like we have a responsibility to take care of our planet and preserve its beauty and resources for future generations.

To this end, we have adopted numerous “Green Initiatives”:

Fleet Upgrades

To help do our part to reduce harmful pollutants, Bigge has been aggressively replacing equipment utilizing older Tier 0 engines with cleaner burning, more fuel efficient Tier 3 technology. In 2006, 35% of our fleet consisted of pre-1996, Tier 0 machines. Only four years later, the proportion of Tier 0 equipment has dropped to 8% and cranes with Tier 3 engines—the cleanest available—now make up 26% of Bigge’s fleet.

Five-Star Inspection

At the same time that Bigge began aggressively upgrading our fleet, we also deployed a rigorous inspection and maintenance program—the Bigge 5-star Inspection Program. Every crane deployed in our fleet must pass a 144-point inspection. Through this program, Bigge has not only helped to reduce air emissions, but has also been able to dramatically reduce diesel fuel, engine oil, and hydraulic oil leaks, curbing another environmental concern.

Recycling Program

We have also instituted an effective recycling program here at Bigge. We recycle all of our waste oils, coolant, paper, wood, metal and plastic products. Many of these "waste" products are sold to recyclers, or disposed of in an ecologically beneficial manner.

Green Initiatives a “Win-Win”

Bigge has found that good environmental practices are also good business. By continuing to reduce our carbon footprint, the environment benefits because of cleaner air, soil and water. Our customers benefit from the latest, most fuel-efficient equipment with higher productivity and better schedules. Bigge benefits from these initiatives by being able to provide our customers with more productive equipment with reduced maintenance costs. Green initiatives are truly a "win-win" situation for us, our customers, and our environment.