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The Bigge Advantage

Bigge provides superior service with the highest safety standards by leveraging The Bigge Advantage, which is the convergence of three areas of the business: Engineering, Equipment and Experience.

Equipment + Engineering

For complex projects involving heavy lift or heavy transport, Bigge has the equipment and engineering resources to meet your project needs. Bigge has one of the largest crane fleets in the United States as well as an extensive fleet of other equipment. Uniquely, Bigge offers engineered solutions to customize existing equipment in the Bigge fleet. The engineering department also designs new pieces of equipment when project requirements are not well suited for available systems. Additionally, because one of the most important factors in any design at Bigge is safety, solutions are developed with the highest safety standards.

Engineering + Experience

Engineered solutions at Bigge are particularly successful because the company has developed a knowledge base of heavy lift and heavy transport options since 1916. The experience Bigge has accumulated saves the customer time and money while offering solutions that are performed with the highest safety standards. Bigge comes up with practical solutions in a timely manner.

Experience + Equipment

Project experience and customer needs have had a significant impact on the choices Bigge has made over the years regarding equipment purchases. Along these same lines, Bigge keeps a close watch on changing equipment technologies and customer requirements, and expands or contracts its fleet on an ongoing basis to provide customers with the best technical solutions with the highest safety standards.

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