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Richmond, VA

2400 Maury Street
Richmond, VA 23224

1 (804) 271-9356

Richmond, VA is the East Coast headquarters for Bigge Crane and Rigging, and is its hub for all major heavy lift and transportation projects up and down the Eastern Coast. Bigge also provides bare crane rental from its Richmond location.

Richmond Crane Rental - Bigge has one of the largest bare rental fleets on the East Coast, with over 200 rough terrain cranes, 60 tower cranes and hoists, and 100 crawlers, all newer models. Bigge also rents trailers and equipment, including a large fleet of Goldhofer modular platform trailers, throughout Virginia and beyond.

Heavy Lift and Transportation - Bigge’s Richmond, VA location provides heavy lift, heavy transportation and bare crane, trailer and equipment rental for the entire East Coast. Our Richmond office has an extensive and experienced engineering staff, who are NQA1 certified in nuclear plant decommissioning, construction, and maintenance.

Bigge Richmond also specializes in servicing the refinery and power industry sectors, including heavy lift and transport projects required by coal and gas plant maintenance, along with wind turbine erection and maintenance. Bigge Richmond also has extensive experience in new construction of coal and gas-fired combustion turbines, as well as fossil fuel plant maintenance. Our Richmond, Virginia office has been involved in a number of high-profile projects for Bigge including the construction of a gasification plant in Edwardsport, IN, as well as servicing the Baldwin Energy Complex in Illinois and the Morgantown Power Plant, in Maryland.

Area Served

Bigge Richmond is one of Bigge’s largest locations, and home to its heavy lift and transportation division. From Richmond, Bigge serves the entire East Coast.


  • Rough Terrain Cranes, ranging from 15 to 160 tons. With over 200 cranes, Bigge has the largest rough terrain fleet in Texas, with numerous 2017 models.
  • Crawler Cranes, from 85 to 825 tons, including the newest Manitowoc MLC650 and Liebherr LR1750 cranes. Over 100 in all, many are optimized for wind turbine erection and maintenance.
  • Over 50 tower cranes and hoists, including hammerhead, flat-top, self-erecting and luffing cranes.
  • Mobile cranes from 2 to 825 tons.
  • Over 100 carry decks, forklifts, telehandlers, and other support cranes.
  • Transportation solutions capable of accommodating loads of 500 tons or more, with more than 500 lines of Goldhofer Platform Trailers, including the newest PST/SL-E models.
  • Hydraulic gantry systems from Lift Systems and Hydrospex with capacity to 1100 tons.
  • Fully modular jumper bridges capable of supporting over 1000 tons for use in civil infrastructure, refinery, nuclear and fossil power industries.

Industries Served