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Jumper Bridge

Jumper Bridge

Bigge employs a number of modular ('jumper') bridges that may be used to span from barge to shore, for roll-on and roll-off operating, and across creeks and culverts. Most often, modular bridges are used to "jump" permanent highway bridges of inadequate load carrying capacity. These modular bridges are used by jobs requiring specialized transport on platform trailers. Manufactured by Bigge, multiple bridges can be put together as required for especially long distances or wide loads.

  • Fully modular as to size and length of bridges—up to 140 in length.
  • Up to 1000-ton capacity at 80 foot span; 850-tons at 100 feet
  • Quick and easy to erect and dismantle
  • Most frequently used in civil infrastructure, refinery, nuclear and fossil power industries

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