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Power Industry


Bigge serves nuclear, fossil fuel, and alternative energy generating plants. Bigge has the size, experience, and equipment to engineer all-inclusive end-to-end solutions, and excels at the complex projects the power industry demands.

Nuclear Power

Bigge Power Constructors, a subsidiary of Bigge Crane and Rigging Co., specializes in serving the heavy lift and transportation needs of the nuclear power industry. Since 1959, when Bigge provided services for one of the nation’s first nuclear power facilities at PG&E's Humboldt Bay Power Plant in California, Bigge has pioneered, planned, and engineered solutions to meet the unique construction, maintenance, refurbishment or decommissioning needs at dozens of nuclear power plants throughout the United States.

More recently, Bigge has performed 85% of the reactor vessel head replacements for U.S. nuclear units, making Bigge the leader in the use of innovative rigging solutions for regular outage component replacements. Bigge is best able to accommodate the heavy lift requirements and transportation needs of the next generation of nuclear power plants.

Bigge meets the demands of rigorous nuclear outage planning with a safety record that leads the rigging industry. Bigge has a nuclear Quality Assurance program that is compliant with NQA1.

Bigge Power Constructors specializes in:

  • New nuclear power plant construction
  • Nuclear decommissioning projects
  • Steam generator replacement
  • Reactor vessel head replacement and removal, specializing in through-the-hatch technology
  • Single failure-proof hoist supply
  • Dry fuel cask movement
  • Specialized heavy transportation
  • Electrical Generator & Turbine Replacement


  • Nuclear Reactor Vessel Closure Head Replacement - Palo Verde
  • Nuclear Reactor Vessel Head Replacement – Salem, NJ
  • Bigge Removes RVCH from Maryland Nuclear Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning – Rancho Seco
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Fossil Fuel

Bigge has provided heavy lifting and transportation services at fossil fueled power generation plants throughout the United States. Bigge has extensive experience in new construction and maintenance requirements of coal and gas-fired combustion turbines, as well as fossil fuel plant maintenance.

Bigge can load, secure, offload, transport, and set your plant’s equipment and components at grade, atop the turbine pedestal, or at the boiler building’s highest elevation. Bigge can supply bare rented or operated cranes for HRSG erection. Bigge can barge or rail deliver and off-load equipment, highway-transport heavy equipment, and move equipment on the plant site from storage to installation.

Heavy Lift and Transportation of:

  • Generators
  • Combustion turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • HRSG Modules
  • Steam drums
  • Transformers


  • HRSG Modules Hoisted For Colusa Power Plant
  • Bigge Helps Build Billion Dollar Energy Plant
  • Emergency Replacement of 250-ton Power Plant Generator
  • Super Loads Carried for Indiana Clean Coal Plant
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Renewable Power

Bigge has a long history of supporting renewable energy projects including wind turbine erection and maintenance, wind and solar generation, and heavy lift, transportation, and rigging for the hydroelectric, biofuel, and geothermal energy industries.

Bigge has been transporting and erecting wind turbines since 1979, erecting the turbines for the first wind farm here in California. We offer a full engineering design and logistics service for planning, lifting, and transportation operations related to wind farms. Bigge also regularly handles heavy lift and heavy equipment transportation for all other types of renewable energy plants - solar, hydroelectric, biofuel, and geothermal energy.

  • Crawler crane fleet exclusively for wind turbine erection with 600-ton max capacity.
  • 25 locations nationwide.
  • Erection of turbines on masts to 105-meters.
  • In-house tax team to handle application of federal and state renewable energy tax credits.


  • Bigge Hoists Vessel for Water Recycling Facility
  • Bigge Builds Wind Turbines
  • Bigge Hauls 175-ton Transformer for Priest Rapids Dam
  • Lifting Alternative Energy
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