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Refinery / Petrochemical

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Refinery construction, turnaround, and maintenance is one of Bigge's core services. Bigge's combination of experience, engineering, dedicated project management, and labor and equipment coordination is second to none. Bigge is the resident heavy transportation and heavy lift contractor for numerous refineries and petrochemical facilities.

Our crews provide daily maintenance and turnaround support from coast to coast, and are trusted by Chevron, Shell, Tesoro, Valero, Tosco, Honeywell, Dow Chemical and more to provide innovative solutions that both reduce cost and downtime. Our staff are all DISA certified and every operator is CCO trained.

With over 100 years of experience Bigge are experts at the unique heavy lift and transportation challenges posed by the petrochemical and refinery industries. Our capabilities range from daily maintenance to major turnaround, expansion, and construction projects.

Our capabilities include:

An unlimited number of transportation options to get heavy and oversized parts and equipment to the refinery. We engineer the move, identify the best-suited equipment, and manage all the logistics and jurisdictional-load restrictions. We've worked closely with authorities from numerous states and large metro areas to allow for routing of equipment through major thoroughfares in congested urban areas to achieve the shortest possible execution time. Every location in our nationwide network also offers secure storage. 

Expertise in working within the congested confines of an operating refinery. Our exceptional planning expertise and engineering helps minimize plant disruption and downtime. Bigge also has specialized equipment to help with dealing with tough-to-reach plant equipment our competitors can't match.

Lift and set major vessels, hyrdrocrackers, reactors, equipment, and pipe modules. Bigge has undertaken and executed in some of the most dynamic projects and construction challenges the world has to offer.